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I bought a diamond plush from fox mattress Seem to sink into bed to much Tried on forth night to sleep in middle Woke up at 2am with lower back pain dose this bed come in different firmness levels I asked for med firm Thought I heard salesman say med soft didn't think much about it but after pain wondering Never have had back problems

asked Dec 20 '15
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Good afternoon "Anonymous872", I know we already addressed your comment in an email and phone call previously, but wanted to reply on this forum also. While we do recommend a time period for you to adjust to new mattress and new mattress to adjust to you; we do offer you a 90 day comfort exchange if you're feeling like the mattress is not supporting you enough. We would be more than happy to find a better alternative for you; just simply bring in your paperwork to the showroom and we'd be happy to help. We look forward to seeing you soon, and finding the perfect bed for you.

Thank you, Fox Mattress

answered Dec 29 '15
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Chelsea from Daytona Beach, FL
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Asked: Dec 20 '15

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