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I answered your questions and saved my survey?

asked Aug 17 '15
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Margaret from Castro Valley, CA
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Hi Margaret -- You already asked this question a week ago and we answered it right away here:

That said, I must admit that the fact that you are back here to ask this again seems rather suspicious to me. Also, if you had used a legitimate email address when you posted this review, you would have been notified over a week ago when the review was approved -- yet it seems you never received this email.

Could you please provide an explanation for this?

answered Aug 17 '15
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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After having my feathers ruffled and total disappointment in Select Foam, I can say I am delighted to get a replacement mattress. My persistent and negative reviews helped get this addressed; but, couldn’t it have been handled differently? Shame I had to air dirty laundry. I had a problem with an unusual defect and everyone I talked to just scratched their heads. I’m still baffled as to WHY it took so long. I commend Matt (my husband dubbed him “The Mattress King”) for stepping in and making us happy customers again. Bottom line: we’re smiling and looking forward to getting a good nites rest without the discomfort of constantly waking up on an uneven surface.
Sincerely, Larry & Margaret Trindell

(Aug 17 '15) Margaret Margaret's gravatar image

OK, thanks for clarifying Margaret. I appreciate your honesty and am very glad to hear that everything worked out. Since the company ultimately helped you resolve the issue with success, it would be really great if you would consider adding a brief comment to your review to explain how this played out. It seems fair to the company, and it would certainly be relevant for other shoppers who read your review to know. You can add a comment to your review at the bottom of this page:

(Aug 17 '15) GoodBed Help ♦♦ GoodBed Help's gravatar image
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