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The lady of the house has diabetes, and she can't feel her feet, and she spends a lot of time in bed. The fitted sheets pull out and get bunched up and she gets her feet tangled in them, and since she can't feet, she can't untangle.Is there something that can attach to the sheets to keep them from pulling out, that will keep them tucked in?

asked Jul 25 '15
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I believe there is some sort of bedding hardware kit that installs at the end of the bed that holds the sheets up out of the way kink of like a tent at the end of the bed area. This has been around for ages I just can think what to call it and you may find it per say like on a medical bedding accessories web site. I am sure they are not cheap but maybe she will be more comfortable and if recommended by her doctor depending upon her status, age, insurance she may get help with it.

answered Mar 13 '18
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