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Does it make a difference what type of sheets we use on the Therapedic EcoGel Blue Essence? We want to keep the cool feeling.

Also, is it okay to use a mattress protector? If so, what material should it be?

asked Oct 18 '13
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Some people like cotton mattress pads that use a very tight weave, something along the lines of an allergy barrier weave. The mattress protector line our customers like is the Luxury line of Protectabed mattress protectors, as they are a bit thinner and don't sleep as warm (I personally use this item on my latex mattress). There are many other options out there - you'll want to avoid PVC/plastic/vinyl lined products.

answered Oct 18 '13
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A mattress pad, made of natural fibers might be ok, and would protect the surface of the bed, however the more you put between you and the foam, the less of the foam you will feel. Protectors are generally impervious to liquids, they do allow some air to flow, but it is restricted. I would avoid them, unless you have young kids or accident prone pets.

As far as sheets, we always recommend cotton. Pay attention to the thread count, the type of cotton, and the weave. Avoid the tread count hype, 300 to 600 count is good. The type should be long staple cotton like supima. And the weave is optional, although most find sateen as the softest weave. There are also some sheets made of materials like outlast, and they are pretty good, but with the gel, cotton may be your best bet.

Hope that helps you to....Sleep Well!

answered Oct 18 '13
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The above posts were pretty good! Hands down, you do want to use a mattress protector or something waterproof. Allergens, dust mites, molds and mildews all grow in a mattress that goes unprotected. There are a lot of breathable options out there that cover just the top of the mattress. The Protect-A-Bed is one you can wash and dry in high heat if you are really particular or there are off brands like Platinum Mattress Protector that is the same except can only be washed and dry in low heat.

answered Oct 19 '13
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