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We would like to have the complete specs on the the Therapedic Finale mattress because of special medical circumstances. Can I get a description and thickness of each foam layer, including whether each layer is made of high-density or low-density foam?

asked Feb 19 '15
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Unfortunately, not all retailers are transparent about the specifications of their mattresses. This model, which is sold by Rooms to Go, is one such model where the information you are seeking is not available.

Hopefully, one of the experts on our site that carries Therapedic will have some more insight into this model, but since it is exclusive to Rooms to Go (at least by name), and they are so completely vague in their description of it, it may be hard even for them to track down any details about it.

Given your special medical circumstances and the premium importance you are placing on understanding the details of the mattress build-up, I'd recommend looking elsewhere. Plenty of other mattress retailers and brands are far more forthcoming with information about their products.

Hope that helps.

answered Mar 23 '15
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