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Is it OK for a Casper mattress to be used on an adjustable base?

asked Apr 14 '15
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Thanks for your question. Yes, you can definitely use the Casper mattress on an adjustable base. This mattress has an all-foam construction, so there is nothing in there that would be harmed by bending it when using it on an adjustable base. You can be quite sure of this since it ships rolled up in a box after all!<br>

In general, a few other things to think about when considering adjustable base suitability are:

  • Thickness -- some of the thickest mattresses (eg, 16-18") can't really bend very easily. At 10" thick, the Casper wouldn't have this concern.
  • Density -- some mattresses (especially lower-cost ones) can bend OK, but don't have enough weight / density to bend properly unless someone is lying on them. This is not really a functional problem, but it is an aesthetic issue that might bother some people, since the mattress doesn't visually follow the curves of the adjustable base underneath it. Although we have not actually seen the Casper mattress in use on an adjustable base, we would not expect this to be an issue with this mattress.
  • Foam encasement -- to provide additional edge support, some coil mattresses have a strip of firm foam going around the perimeter of the mattress, which if it's too thin (eg, 2"or less) can sometimes bow out (causing it to prematurely break down) when used on an adjustable base. The Casper is not constructed in this way so this wouldn't be a factor for this model.
answered Apr 15 '15
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