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Can anyone share any thoughts about which of these two mattresses is better -- Saatva or Serta I Series? The prices are very similar and I'm not sure how to compare them.

asked Feb 16 '15
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Only so many mattress manufacturers. Serta builds the mattress for Saatva.

answered Oct 18 '15
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Could you provide any more detail or substantiation on this? We are aware that Saatva outsources its manufacturing to Eclipse Bedding in the east and Canon Sleep in the west, but have never heard that they use Serta factories. Likewise, we are not aware of Serta doing contract manufacturing for other companies.

(Oct 18 '15) GoodBed Help ♦♦ GoodBed Help's gravatar image
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This is a great question, especially since one of the mattresses you're questioning is available only online! Price is the least favourable way to compare, it says nothing about the mattresses. Even "identical" specs are not identical. For example, both mattresses can have 800 pocket coils. But, what gauge are these pocket coils? They can vary from 12 to 18 gauge with half gauges in between! This makes a HUGE difference in support and feel. They could both have 2 inches of latex or memory foam or gel, what have you, but again, foam has different densities and so performs and feels differently. The ONLY way to compare mattresses to learn which one is best for you, is to lie down on them and have the proper assessment by a sleep professional.

Buying a mattress online, without feeling it, is just as ridiculous as purchasing a vehicle you've never sat in or driven. It can be as appealing as you want online, but until you get behind the wheel, sit in the seat and press the accelerator, you can't possibly know if it's the car of your dreams. Same thing with a mattress. You HAVE to lie down on it, in every position you normally sleep in, for several minutes and then try another, and another, until you find THE one. Like Goldilocks, you want the mattress that's just right! As well, you want a professional opinion on the mattresses you're looking at without prejudice. That's why I would recommend visiting a mattress specialty shop that carries more than one brand.

answered Mar 09 '15
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