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How many inner springs are there in a Simmons BeautyRest Winthrop king-size pillow top mattress? I can not seem to find the information any where. I actually have had this mattress for 13 years now. I am planning to purchase another one but have no info for another comparable option.

asked Nov 04 '14
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Ken from Gig Harbor, WA
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Nov 05 '14

Interesting answer Peter. Not sure that I agree with that one, but to each his own.
To answer the actual question Ken, your mattress 13 years ago would have had a coil count of 850 coils in a queen, approximately 1100 in a king. The current Simmons World Class mattress has 1000 coils in a queen and 1296 coils in a king, so slightly more than back when you last purchased a Simmons. The coils in Simmons haven't changed much, they still use their patented individually pocketed coils in various gauges depending on if you like a firm or soft core. The foams used in mattresses now are far more advanced than the foams used at the turn of the century. All World Class models have AirCool foam and gel infused foam both for support and to keep the mattress slightly cooler than in the past as well.
While your previous Simmons mattress had a full 10 year warranty, World Class mattresses now have a 25 year warranty of which the first 15 years is full replacement. I hope this helps you out, and have a great day!

answered Nov 05 '14
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Brian G from Tampa, FL
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Thanks Brian... this was more than I would of expected for an ensure to my question. This is one of the best mattress I have had the pleasure of sleeping on in 50 years and 6 or 7 brands. At least now I know how to start shopping again.

(Nov 05 '14) Ken Ken's gravatar image

Hi Ken, There are no comparable models from 13 years ago. Mattresses have gone from two-sided and flippable to one -sided, lasting half as long. Reducing quality further, is the extensive use of memory foam, which your mattress does not have. You'd be lucky to get 1/3 of the use from a Beautyrest today, as you did then. This reduction in quality goes across the board and affects all brands. Mattresses, today, are made to be disposable, needing to be replaced every couple/few years...with some lasting less than a year. Do not go shopping with the assumption that you can get as good a mattress as the one you have. You can't.

answered Nov 05 '14
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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