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Hi, I liked the Simmons Beautyrest Elara Plush mattress in the store but I'm not able to find any reviews of it online. Is it a new model? or old? Thank you!

asked Oct 17 '14
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Model names are different at every store. If you are dealing with a reputable retailer, it would be a new model. The best way to check is to look at the white law label attached to a seam at the head of the mattress. There, you will find the date of manufacture. It should be reasonably recent. I would caution you about buying any "plush" Beautyrest. In making their plush models, the gauge of wire is much thinner, creating a greater depth of softness. Unfortunately, this thinner gauge wire doesn't hold up very well. Most of the negative reviews about Simmons will be about their plush and pillowtop models. The chances of your plush mattress turning into a complaint, at some point in the near future, is so great that we have eliminated all the plush models from our website.

answered Oct 20 '14
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