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I currently sleep on a full-size innerspring Simmons Anniversary mattress (with box springs) that I bought more than thirty years ago. It only has one usable side as a broken spring poked through the quilting on the other side, but even the "good" side has a bit of sagging in the middle. In addition, I can hear popping from time to time in a couple of places when I shift position or turn over. So, everything considered, of course, it will eventually have to be replaced. Basically, it is comfortable enough to sleep on for now...but for how long it will continue to be is a question mark.

The problem is, I am wary of buying any mattress that has any kind of foam padding, as I have seen so many negative reviews relating to beds with memory and other types of foam. Some people complain that mattresses with these materials sleep too warm or even hot, and in addition, as I understand it, the various foams have the cons of off gassing and chemical sensitivities/hazards to worry about. Modern innerspring mattresses also seem to sag prematurely in a surprisingly short amount of time, evidently not being made as well as the old mattresses.

I'd like to purchase a mattress like my Simmons, but as far as I can tell, this type just isn't available anymore. If I'm wrong about this, however, and it is, can anyone tell me where I can find a mattress like my old one?

asked Jun 26 '14
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Matt from Glens Falls, NY
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Let me tell you about our experience. We bought a new mattress in September because our old Serta was 14 years old and wearing down. I did not think for one minute that a new mattress made of ANY material would be worse than our old mattress, but I was wrong. We purchased a Serta iComfort that has foam in it and it is HORRIBLE. It sleeps hot. I don't care if foam is natural or not, foam is foam. Maybe with the natural you don't have the off-gassing. Good, at least you won't die of lung cancer but you'll die from lack of sleep due to discomfort first anyway. I hate this mattress. To me, the foam mattress feels ok for the first 5 minutes, but as you sleep on it it seems to compress until you feel like you are laying on a clay brick. I am on this web site desperately searching for mattress brands that do not have foam. And yes, we paid over $1,000 for this mattress, which is why we still have the thing; couldn't afford to make another mistake right away. This time I'll do more research.

answered Jan 26 '15
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Riley from New Ellenton, SC
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I'm sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble with your mattress. Hopefully, we'll both eventually find one that delivers the kind of top quality we need in order to get a good and restful night's sleep. In the meantime, I guess all we can do is just keep researching and shopping around with an informed eye. Fortunately, there is a lot of information out there on what distinguishes quality from garbage (and you'll obviously receive much helpful and knowledgeable advice right here on this website), so that is at least some consolation. Good luck! Matt

(Feb 05 '15) Matt Matt's gravatar image

Hi my name is Gabe, I am the owner of Don's mattress service in Massachusetts. Our business started in 1919 on Portland Street in Boston. We still make a tufted innerspring all cotton mattress the old fashion way. our box springs have a real spring in it and are covered with Cotton. We use the same 100% cotton material to cover our box spring that we use to cover our mattresses. We also make horsehair mattresses hand-tied box springs and custom size mattresses for antique beds. Feel free to give us a call with any questions. Gabe Donadio 781 367 2692

answered Aug 21 '17
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Gabe from North Andover, MA
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Thanks for letting me know about your products. I'll be sure and get in touch if I have any questions.

(Aug 22 '17) Matt Matt's gravatar image

My friend at has a basic coil with wool padding over coils. You can ask them to make it with beefed up coils if you want.

answered Jun 26 '14
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Thanks for the suggestion, Joe! I'll continue to research what's out there and see what happens.

(Jun 28 '14) Matt Matt's gravatar image

I have bought an icomfort bed which was expensive and within 6 months the bed was so horrible you wouldn't believe me. It was dubbed defective so our salesman talked us into the new Platinum bed. This sucks as much as the other. I will NEVER buy a hybrid bed or foam bed again!!

answered Apr 30 '17
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Pam from Huntertown, IN
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Thanx all you who told your stories. My husband and I have been spending way too much time looking for a comfy mattress. We tried everything except the 100% latex. (TOO EXPENSIVE). All these mattresses, foam, water bed, inner spring with memory foam, have all proved disappointing. We are so tired. The neighbors must be wondering what the heck is going on at our house because we first gave away our mattress we had for 20 yrs to a neighbor. Then we tried a mattress at the "big lots" showroom, that was harder than the floor model, so we had them pick it up. Then we tried a Sam's club mattress and it was hot because of the memory foam, returned that one, then we tried another "soft" mattress from Mattress Firm and again it was different than the floor model. We are sending it back as well. Help! We are not really that picky! Just want a comfortable bed.

answered Feb 22 '18
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Sara from Jacksonville, NC
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First of all, congrats on sleeping on your mattress for over 30 years! That's significantly longer than the average these days. But the popping and springs poking through is a sure sign -- it's time for a new mattress.

On the high end, Hastens and Vi-Spring make mattresses without foam or latex. WJ Southard also makes one called the Archetype. You could also do a custom configuration for the EOS mattress from Naturepedic, just select coils in place of latex for the comfort and support layers. Royal Pedic also makes some.

But I gotta tell you, it ain't easy making a comfortable mattress without those 2 materials you's totally possible, of course, but the ones that really feel good cost a fortune. Just a heads up.

Is there some reason why you wouldn't want latex? Because latex really is one of the very best materials to use in a mattress and it really helps to make a polyurethane foam-free mattress actually feel comfortable. Latex is in a totally different league from basic polyurethane foam. Natural latex is totally safe, natural and free of all those chemicals you're trying to avoid with foam. And some all-latex mattresses have been known to last 30 years.

You might even want to consider slicing open a section of your simmons, just to see what's inside just before you get rid of it.

answered Jun 27 '14
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Blake Greer
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Jun 27 '14

Thanks, Sean--I appreciate the helpful info. Actually, I have nothing against latex. When I commented on it, I was thinking of synthetic latex, which I guess can contain potentially harmful constituents. The natural latex, as you mentioned, is perfectly safe, as well as comfortable. Does it sleep cool, however? This is one of the biggest problems I have with memory foam, since many people complain that it sleeps too warm. Even gel foam, that I think is supposed to disperse body heat, apparently doesn't always sleep as cool as is claimed by manufacturers. If I could find an innerspring mattress with latex padding that doesn't sag prematurely, that is well-made, and that closely mimics the feel of my current mattress, I'd probably be happy. Know of any good matches? Any further suggestions would be welcome.

(Jun 27 '14) Matt Matt's gravatar image

Natural latex is very breathable. Far more breathable than any other type of foam. Works even better when the bed is wrapped with organic wool because the wool acts as a temperature regulator. For an innerspring model, I would take a look at WJ Southard's Archetype Pillowtop mattress (this model adds latex) as well as the offerings from Naturepedic and Royal Pedic. If you're open to an all-latex mattress (which are also excellent) you could check out the Quail Plush from Nest Bedding. Joe the owner commented above. That one's great and organic to boot.

(Jun 27 '14) Blake Greer Blake Greer's gravatar image

I HATE foam mattresses. I had an old school Beautyrest with a pillowtop that lasted for almost 20 years. I bought a new Beautyrest pillowtop to replace it, not thinking there would be any difference in the new mattress. Boy was I wrong! I have had 6 different mattresses in my home in the last 2 months including Beautyrest, Stearns and Foster, and Sealy. All of them have some type of foam in them, they all compress/flatten overnight as you sleep on them, and they all sink overnight as you sleep on them. I want a cotton filled, pillowtop mattress with a pillowtop! They need to stop selling these foam mattresses, period. These mattresses are absolutely worthless!

answered Jan 31 '18
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Sharon A
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I'm sorry to hear that you've been having such a horrible time with all these mattresses. It's a shame that finding a decent one with the kind of comfort and durability that used to be so commonplace has turned into such an ordeal. Hopefully, you'll be able to find a mattress you can live with, and very soon. Good luck! Matt

(Jan 31 '18) Matt Matt's gravatar image

If you find a decent mattress please lets us know. I could have written your post. I think a cheap Sears mattress might have coils and pillow top if we can find them

(May 23 '19) Merry Merry's gravatar image


I have not come across anything like the old ones, but if you are concerned about chemicals in foam or latex, Look at Organicpedic by OMI, they are out of California and they have the purest organic mattress on the market. There should be some dealers near you. And remember to shop local! Good Luck!

answered Jun 26 '14
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Jeff Saunders ♦
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Thanks, Jeff! If I can find something within my budget, an organic one might be the best way to go.

(Jun 28 '14) Matt Matt's gravatar image

There is a mattress manufacture in Boston MA that makes all cotton inner spring mattresses and they are tufted the old fashion way. They also make custom mattresses for antique bed and also make horse hair mattresses. 781 270 0072

(Apr 28 '17) Gabe Gabe's gravatar image


I'm sorry that you're having so much trouble. Even after all this time, I still haven't made a decision on what to replace my old mattress with. As you've unfortunately found out, finding a quality mattress that meets all your expectations isn't easy, and I'm wary of shelling out all kinds of money on something that's advertised as being a smart purchase when in all likelihood it might turn out to be just the opposite--in other words, a purchase I'll regret--and something I just won't be able to get a good night's sleep on. I hope you can find a good mattress, one that's everything you want it to be, and very, very soon!

answered May 02 '17
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Matt from Glens Falls, NY
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Just wanted to let everyone know that I too had been searching for a good, non-memory foam mattress. I spent a fortune on a Beautyrest Black set that was sagging and horrible within 1-2 years. I live in Houston and found a company, Texas Mattress Makers, that makes tons of stock and custom mattresses with little to no NO MEMORY FOAM. I don't know if they deliver or can be shipped to other parts of the country. I bought the innerspring mattress with a pillow top called "Manhattan" (I think) and only spent about $700 for the delivered king size mattress only. it! These guys will make sure you end up with a bed you love. The owner was featured on an episode of "Billion Dollar Buyer", and seems like he REALLY knows mattresses. He also donated a lot of mattresses to Hurricane Harvey victims and built a custom bed set for some of Tillman Fertitta's hotels. Give them a try and you won't be sorry!

answered Feb 26 '18
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Jeannine S from Houston, TX
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Feb 26 '18

An update to my prior post...I purchased a good, plain innerspring mattress from Texas Mattress Makers here in Houston. It is an excellent product and they have just about any kind of mattress you might want. Heck, they will even custom make one for you! I am sooooo happy with my new/old innerspring mattress and can't recommend Texas Mattress Makers or someone like them in your area enough. Don't settle for the crap being sold now!!

(Apr 11 '18) Jeannine S Jeannine S's gravatar image
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