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What's the difference between the Beautyrest Bromont one vs. two (1 vs. 2)?

asked Jun 03 '14
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I am guessing this is something you saw at a large department store (that shall not be named). We have seen them do this a lot with their model names. In every case we've seen, there has been no material difference between the two versions -- except, that is, for price, which can vary by more than $1,000!!

In other words, this seems to be just another one of those deceptive price games. I don't fully understand the objective of this one, but I guess it's so they they can brag about how great the price is on one of them compared to the other. Or maybe it's so they can advertise the same bed as an on-sale bed to people looking at one price range and as a full-price bed to people looking at another price range.

In any case, don't be fooled. Or better yet, don't buy from a store that plays such games...

answered Jun 05 '14
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