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What is the difference between the Beautyrest Recharge Classic Palisades Court Tight Top Luxury Firm and the Arbor Terrace Firm? Why is the former more expensive, while the features seems to be the same?

asked Jan 27 '14
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Koskhol D from Mountain View, CA
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Hello -- There are a couple things at play here.

First is that these two models don't seem to be directly equivalent from a comfort standpoint. A "Luxury Firm" model generally has slightly softer comfort than a "Firm" model. Typically, this softness is achieved with additional padding material, which can raise the price a little.

Second, our records show that while the Palisades Court and Arbor Terrace are in the same collection -- Beautyrest Classic Recharge (2013) -- the Palisades Court lineup is one step up from the Arbor Terrace lineup. This generally means that the quality of materials is slightly higher, which raises the price a little for all Palisades Court models vs. their equivalent Arbor Terrace models.

Hope that helps.

answered Feb 09 '14
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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