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I saw the Therapedic Posture Touch firm mattress yesterday at a furniture store. It is a two sided mattress. Have tried to find reviews on line and have found nothing. After buying two mattresses that sag, I would like to be more informed this time. I have also seen two sided mattresses online at US-Mattress (was looking at the Serta Perfect Sleeper Regal Hotel Suite).

Does anyone know about these mattresses?

asked May 28 '14
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Brenda from Greenwood, MS
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Hi Brenda, I had two-sided mattresses made, through Therapedic, 5 years ago. The ones we carry were engineered by me, personally, and are extremely high quality with no memory foam in any of them. We've delivered them all over the country for the last 5 years and without even a single complaint. If a high quality two-sided mattress is what you're after, the Cameo models are suitable for most people. The Medi-Coil models are designed to hold extra-ordinary body weight, with my heaviest customers topping 500 pounds....without sagging.

answered May 30 '14
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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Therapedic licensees can produce their own line of two-sided products and the names and specs will be different depending upon the market. You need to get the complete specifications of the product from the retailer you visited. If they're not forthcoming, walk away.

Just because a product is two sided doesn't mean that it is more durable than a one sided product - it all comes down to componentry and construction. There were plenty of horrible, saggy two sided mattresses ten years ago when the industry was completely two sided.

A decent two sided mattress might look something like this. This also happens to be from a Therapedic licensee but doesn't mean that it is anything at all like the Posture Touch that you mentioned.

Hopefully this is helpful.

answered May 30 '14
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