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I am considering a Bemco queen-size mattress that flips over. I have never heard of this brand but a local furniture company is one of just a few that still sells flip-over mattresses, and that is all that I want. It has no pillow top or memory foam either.

Does anyone have an opinion or experience with this mattress?

asked Jan 04 '14
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The best mattress is a 100 percent Dunlop process Latex mattress. They last for 25 plus years. However they are extremely costly!

answered Feb 20 '15
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That isn't the only two-sided flippable mattress made. We have four models that were engineered by me and made for us by Therapedic. And as you requested, no pillowtops and no memory foam. Compare the specifications before you buy.

answered Jan 07 '14
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Basic is never a bad thing if it is comfortable.

There are a lot of mattress gimmicks out there these days. What is important is what you like sleeping on. A well made mattress does not need to be flipped. The idea with flipping the bed was to try to make the bed wear evenly on both sides. To prove my point about gimmicks: In the case of our mattress line, we use tempered springs that do not wear out as quickly, giving the bed at least 10 years of service without having to flip the bed. Couple that with a quilted cover that can be replaced independently of the rest of the mattress, or dry clean the cover and re-attach it to your bed, and you could see up to 20 years in the mattress. Plus, being able to replace just the quilted cover is considered a green practice by the EPA since it is reducing solid waste.

answered Jan 07 '14
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We've always had "flip over" mattresses. Our current one is 17 years old and looks almost as good as new. I flip it maybe once a year to help it wear evenly. I think all these gimmicky "foam," "gel-foam," mattresses that you can't flip over are just that: gimmicks. Had friends buy one and after a few months, their body indentations were so deep they couldn't use it anymore. No thank you. I'll stick with the tried-and-true coil mattresses that last 17 years and still keep going!

answered Nov 30 '17
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Love Bemco mattresses. We did flip over every 6 months but now once a year. Wouldn’t have anything but Bemco Premier on our bed and the Patriot on the guest bed.

answered Feb 27
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