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How much is the Stewart & Hamilton Perfect Fit 3000 worth? Is it a good mattress?

asked May 19 '14
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Hmm, we can't find any mattress called the "Perfect Fit 3000." Are you talking about the "Perfect Care 3000" mattress? If so, the price of this mattress is going to be around $500 for a queen-size set (or $250 for the mattress only), which you may know is a really, really low price for a queen-size mattress these days.

In terms of how much it's worth, that's kind of an impossible question to answer, since the value equation depends on how much you're going to use it, enjoy it, etc.

If you're asking how its price compares to other similar mattresses, the pricing looks pretty competitive with other entry-level models, but they don't provide enough information about the specs to get into a more detailed comparison than that. Here's the only information provided about it:

The Perfect Care 3000 mattress collection by Stewart and Hamilton is the first in a line of ultra-comfortable mattresses with a 3" pillow-top. A layer of quilting gel provides cooling comfort and Dacron fiber creates durable comfort and support.

Hope that's at least somewhat helpful.

answered May 22 '14
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