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Is the Stearns & Foster Lake Shore Luxury Firm good for side sleepers? Will it cradle me? What is a tight top?

asked May 16 '14
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Marlena R from Carlsbad, CA
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Hi Marlena -- In terms of sleeping on your side, this model could work pretty well, since it has medium softness -- in general, side sleepers tend to need medium softness or more. However, it will also depend on your body size and shape -- the key is 1) whether you feel any pressure in your hips and shoulders when you lay on it (on your side), 2) whether your spine is in proper alignment when you are laying on it, and 3) whether you find it comfortable (which presumably you must have determined already).

In terms of cradling, you will get some amount of cradling from this model, due to the many levels of padding, and the use of memory foam. If you truly prefer to sleep "in" the mattress rather than "on" the mattress, there are other models that are more plush and/or use more memory foam that will suit you better, but this one is a good in-between option.

Re: the definition of a tight top mattress, that term simply refers to a mattress that has a traditional quilted surface but does not have any kind of pillow top (or Euro Top).

answered May 22 '14
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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