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I am old and getting up off a chair or bed is difficult for me. I need a bed frame that will go straight up and down to help with this. I require a coil mattress and would like to put my own box spring and mattress on this bed frame, which are queen size. I don't need the head or feet to rise separately. There are thousands of old people like me -- why is it so hard to find one like this? David Redlon

asked Apr 17 '14
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Hello David:

The best you can do is to get the Leggett and Platt Comfort Model Adjustable base that looks just like a box spring (without springs) that fits on your existing bed frame and only the head goes up and down (no foot up/down). This way you can raise your upper body and swing your legs over to the side and stand up.

Make sure your spring mattress is built to go on an adjustable base or you will break the mattress. Individual pocketed coils are best or a spring mattress that is hinged for an adjustable base. There are many foam mattresses that would also be a good choice. I would recommend you look at latex mattresses which have the same feel as a spring mattress without the springs.

I hope this helps.

Lillian Fisher The Sleep Store 425-454-8727

answered Apr 18 '14
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There is another option as well. But, it is not near as good as the Leggett & Platt or other adjustables out there. It is called Mattress Genie. Its advantages are that it is relatively inexpensive (under $200), it works with your existing mattress, and it will raise your head about 30 degrees. The disadvantage is that it is a little noisy, and slow.

I would recommend an Adjustable, and I prefer Leggett & Platt. This option would require a new mattress, since most spring mattresses are not designed to bend. If you were to pair it with an air chambered mattress, you could also make the surface very firm as well to aid in getting up, and soften it when you sleep to ease aches and pains, and achieve deeper sleep.

Beware: Unless your spring mattress was sold as bendable, the mattress will fail if put on anything that will bend it, and that will invalidate the warranty, if any, you have left.

Hope that helps...

Sleep Well!

answered Apr 22 '14
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