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I currently own a Simmons mattress, but have had several people tell me that Sealy is better. My mattress is a few years old, and I've been thinking of buying a new one, and have been looking at Sealy mattresses from BrandSource in Canada.

So really how much better is Sealy over Simmons?

Also, wondering if there are some other recommended brands that would even be better... I'm all about having a good nights rest.

asked Apr 09 '14
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These brands have a similar rating on, consumer reports, and other sites. Feedback on the internet doesn't single out a clear winner.

The best type of mattress from either brand is their Pocketed Coil mattresses. The Pocketed Coil beds don't squeak and are better for 2 sleepers being less disturbed.

I highly recommend the Serta Perfect Sleeper or Serta iSeries lines over both Sealy and Simmons. The Serta beds have done really well for our customers with very little warranty issues.

answered Apr 10 '14
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First, in terms of the quality of the mattresses from these brands, Sealy and Simmons both make a wide variety of mattresses -- from entry-level to high-end. Since Andrew mentioned Serta, I would add that this would be true of them as well. So for starters, you need to be careful which line or model from each brand you are choosing to compare.

Second, given the huge breadth of their product lines, it would be fair to say that Sealy, Simmons and Serta each have 'something for everyone' -- meaning, you can definitely find at least one bed (and probably several) from each company that would be a great fit in terms of your personal needs and preferences. (Note that this might not be the case for other large companies like Tempur-Pedic or Select Comfort -- whose products are a great fit for many people, but who don't offer a broad enough product line to have something for everyone.)

Net, there really isn't a clear answer to this question. What you should be focusing on instead is which beds from each brand are the best fit for you. I would recommend looking at models from each brand to find the ones that best fit your personal needs and preferences.

All that said, if you're intent on comparing these 3 companies, one thing to look at is how frequently problems arise and what happens when they do. While our sample size is still far from perfect, so far we have seen slightly fewer complaints related to Serta and Sealy than we have from Simmons, and much better responsiveness to customer problems coming from Serta than either of the other two. This last point is something to seriously consider -- any company will have some amount of problems, so the way they handle these problems is perhaps the most important differentiator.

In terms of other brands to look at, the best place to check is our list of top-rated brands.

answered Apr 17 '14
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