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I am looking at the Bryanna and the Kailey mattresses in the BeautyRest TruEnergy series. I would like to know if these are good choices for side sleepers.

asked Dec 16 '13
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Hello -- Notwithstanding your personal comfort preferences, side sleepers tend to need softer mattresses than back or stomach sleepers. This is because 1) your hips and shoulders need to be able to sink into the mattress in order to maintain proper spinal alignment, and 2) when you sleep on your side, your pressure points are more acute, so you need a softer surface to provide adequate pressure relief.

The Bryanna is a plush comfort level, so it would tend to be a good choice for side sleepers.

The Kailey comes in 3 varieties, so you'd need to be sure which one you are talking about. The Kailey Plush Euro Top would tend to be a good choice for side sleepers, but the Kailey Extra Firm Euro Top would generally not be a good choice. The Kailey Plush Firm Euro Top would probably still be soft enough for you as a side sleeper and might be the best choice if you have a partner that's more of a back or stomach sleeper.

answered Dec 16 '13
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With this particular line, you must be very careful NOT to get a "plush" model. The plush Beautyrest models use a much thinner gauge wire for the coils, resulting in the mattress losing its support within months. The firm models use a much heavier gauge wire and last a whole lot longer. To accommodate a side sleeper, opt for any of the Tru-Energy models that carry the plush/firm designation. With these, you'll have the heavier gauge wire, which provides the firm support everyone's skeletal system requires....and the softer surface padding that will allow a side sleeper to sleep comfortably, relieving the pressure points at the hip and shoulder. The Adalee Plush Firm is an excellent value.

answered Dec 16 '13
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