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I know that Four Seasons Hotels used to have custom mattresses made by Stearns & Foster, and are now switching to a Simmons model. I slept on the former - best sleep ever - and would like to buy an equivalent in King or Cal King. Four Seasons does sell their beds directly - albeit at rather steep prices. Therefore, I wonder if I could find the same (or very similar) models by both manufacturers, at other retailers. I know that the hotel would say that their beds are custom and unavailable elsewhere. But I am guessing (nay, hoping, and could be wrong) that they are derivations of other, more widely available models.

Does anyone know which models from both Stearns & Foster and Simmons most closely resemble those offered by the Four Seasons? For example are S&F Lake Shore (Costco) or Hotel Collections the same?

asked Mar 17 '14
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Nikita T from San Jose, CA
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Asked: Mar 17 '14

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