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What is the best way to move an adjustable bed? We have an Ultramatic single bed. How much does this weigh?

asked Mar 14 '14
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Carefully! :). While I'm not familiar with that brand I can give you some general tips. Two people at least. If you must turn it on it's side (and you will) be careful of the legs. They can take the weight pushing straight down but most don't like any side force. For example if you turn it on it's side don't put pressure on the legs as they may bend. When carrying on it's side use the metal framework to hold and carry it. Don't hold or move it by any foam. wood, plastic parts. Sometimes it's useful to have a low wheeled cart to move it with. In most cases strength is the best tool. Also be cautious of wires and controls that may dangle. Some bases can fold while being moved so look out for that too. You may need to tie or strap it so it remains flat. It may be worth it to contact your nearest store that handles adjustable beds to see what they would charge to move it. It's not a delicate job that requires much more than common sense but they do it all the time.

answered Mar 14 '14
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Ernest Shaver ♦
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I'll second what Ernest said. The legs, in particular are not designed to prop the base on its side. I would suggest removing the legs before moving the bed, except if it is just to the other side of the room. Look for the wires and see if they can easily be disconnected, then carry any "boxes" with you separate from the bed. These bases are heavy, so two people minimum to move it. Use the structural steel to carry, not the metal parts that move the top up and down. Be careful in doorways and on steps. If the bed folds and then flops back, it can take off a finger - so be sure to secure the top with a strap. And a strap on each end may provide a "handle" for moving it, if placed properly.

Hope that helps! Sleep Well!

answered Mar 14 '14
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Tom Heller ♦
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You can get some of the furniture gliders for underneath the legs if you want to make it easier to move on carpet. Keep in mind what the previous posters said about moving it to it's side. The legs will likely break if you tip it slowly. Once on its side, we will put the furniture gliders under it in several places and it glides easily enough through our showroom on carpet. It's just getting it on it's side with out breaking off the legs that's the tricky part.

answered Mar 18 '14
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Andrew Schle... ♦
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We are moving into a top floor apartment of a 12 unit building and we want to buy an adjustable bed. Does any one know if there's any reason why the floors would not hold the weight. It is a good quality bed and might be a bit heavier than the cheap beds. Someone once had a waterbed in this apartment and it was fine. It was most likely heavier than an adjustable bed. Any comments would be appreciated.

answered May 16 '20
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Wilson G
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Can you put the legs on gliders and move it just a few inches ?

answered Jul 02 '20
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Roy P from Winston Salem, NC
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