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Choosing a new mattress is getting too complicated. I need to know the cost of an Alexandria Beauty Rest in a queen size, and if it would be a good choice for me.

I have a back problem and am now sleeping on an 11 year old Tempur Pedic mattress which is hard and I hurt every night and end up sleeping on the couch. Also terrible sweating.

asked Mar 12 '14
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Gussie from Saint Simons Island, GA
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Hi Gussie -- Sorry that you are having a tough time choosing the right mattress. Hopefully we can help.

In terms of whether the Alexandria Plush is a good choice for you, the reality is that unfortunately only you can answer that for sure. What we can tell you though, is that this model tends to be best suited for people that:

  • sleep mostly on their side or their back -- but not on their stomach
  • prefer a lot of softness -- plush Beautyrest models not only have soft cushioning, but also more give in their coils
  • prefer a slightly warming feel -- because this model has memory foam as well as a lot of cushioning, it will tend to sleep a little warmer than some other models
  • need good motion isolation -- the pocket coils and memory foam in this model will help prevent you from being disturbed by other movements in the bed
  • need a lot of pressure relief -- the soft cushioning that contains premium materials like memory foam and latex will help reduce pressure points

In terms of the price, there are two things you should know. The first is that the price on this model will vary from store to store. The second is that the name of this model will vary from store to store. In light of these factors, the easiest way to get a great price on this model or its equivalent is to request quotes from local stores using our SmartPrice system.

Hope that helps.

answered Mar 12 '14
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