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What kinds of mattresses will work on a Leggett and Platt adjustable base?

asked Jan 20 '14
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We have sold memory foam, latex and spring mattresses (made specifically for adjustable beds) for our Leggett & Platt bases however, memory foam and latex works best. Coil mattresses can buckle and don't support the back as well when adjusted. We sell Zedbed memory foam mattresses and Pure LatexBLISS latex mattresses and stand behind both brands. My recommendation is to try both in an adjusted position. I do find that sitting upright is a good test of which type of mattress you will prefer. Both are great but feel completely differently.

answered Jan 24 '14
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Debi Chewerda ♦
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If you want an innerspring mattress, make sure the mattress has a Foam Encasement and not a steel border rod. The border rod will not bend easily and can ruin the structure of the mattress if forced.

answered Jan 24 '14
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Nick Noblit ♦
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Any mattress designed to bend will work just fine on a Leggett & Platt base. Leggett makes a great base, considering them is a good choice. Not all mattresses will work. As a general rule all air chambered beds (Comfortaire, Sleep Number) will work, all memory foam beds will work (Tempurpedic, Sleep Harmony), SOME spring beds, regardless of the topper foam will work, water beds will not work ;)

Sleep Well!

answered Jan 23 '14
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Tom Heller ♦
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Any mattress will work. Most will last, only a short while before losing their shape and comfort. The most comfortable that will last a long time is a latex mattress.

answered Jan 24 '14
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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