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I am looking at a Macy's brand cushion firm pillowtop mattress. It feels good but the full-size mattress and box spring is priced at only $289. That's much less than I paid 15 years ago. I am 82 and do not need one that will last 10 years. LOL. Any comments or reviews on this one?

asked Jan 15 '14
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My main concern is to make sure you have a sleep guarantee. Mattresses in that price range usually are designed for children. If you end up not liking it you may just be out your $289. Most big box department stores wouldn't even know the difference between kids and adult beds. I would go into a local mattress only store and at least see what kind of bed they would fit you with based on your sleep position and sleeping habits. If the mattress they fit you to is basically the same in specs then go for it. Main thing is NEVER buy a bed based only on price. Consider its durability, support, and comfort, mostly how does the mattress align your spine.

answered Jan 16 '14
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