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Are there any suggestions for a firm mattress for someone with back pain who sleeps on their side? Our luxury firm king-size mattress is sagging badly after 2 years and no one will honor the warranty. We need to start from scratch. Any suggestions?

asked Jan 04 '14
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Sounds like you got a very low quality mattress! 2 years is not a very good mattress.

I would recommend checking out this site for suggestions.

For memory foam, Bed In A Box brand foam beds are highly rated. They have high density foam and would hold up much longer.

Nest Bedding carries a great bed for back and occasional side sleeping called the CoolMax Support Gel Foam.

Also, check out latex natural mattresses. Latex is very long lasting. It can be a bit tough on your side however if you get too firm.

answered Jan 06 '14
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Many times, people apply different meanings to the word "firm." Some think it is analogous with hard. The other common definition is that which provides good support, which is not necessarily the hardest mattress. Sometimes a little give in the mattress allows your body to be in a good posture position. That will take the stress off the structure of your body, and reduce tossing and turning.

There are four different technologies, Spring, Foam, Air and Water. Each of these will, if fit properly, help your back. Our store features primarily air-chambered beds. Some 80%+ find back pain relief with this technology. It can also be paired with different foams, to get the best of both worlds. In fact, Tempurpedic recently introduced an air base for their bed, and Sleep Number has long had memory foam in their offerings.

Please don't short change the process, it is impossible for anyone to tell you a bed that will work best for you. You have started well by doing some research here. Be sure to complete it by going to stores and laying on the beds you think might work. Spend at least 15 minutes on the beds you like. Make sure the retailer has return privileges, just in case. Consider all the technologies, I'm sure you will find a great mattress. Rely on major brands, keeping in mind the warranty is stacked against you. You can tell some quality clues from the warranty, look at the length, and the total amount of sag, and if there is pro-ration.

Finally, price is a key indicator as well. Tempurpedic mattresses, as an example, will put you back at least $2,000 in a king size. But if it lasts 20 years, rather than 2, is it worth it? Our brand, Comfortaire, will also start around $1500, with our most popular model coming in at $2600. Comfortaire has a 25 year warranty and it's modular design may make it the last bed you ever have to buy. I have noticed lately a lot of stores offering a $299 queen set - that is a waste of money. Even a good spring king mattress will be $1500 to $2000.

You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, be comfortable and...Sleep Well!

answered Jan 06 '14
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It's so discouraging to hear about mattresses that fail so quickly.The unfortunate reality is that most mattresses have a life expectancy of 3-7 years. Investing in higher quality products with dense foam and a great support base or layer will typically be more satisfactory. Foam mattresses (either latex or memory foam) should have at least 3" of high-quality product over firm base foam or a heavy-duty coil. That way, the conforming top layer is substantial enough to relieve pressure points, while the base provides a good support layer. Having sold most major brands for 30 years, I've observed that the big, traditional mattress manufacturers tend to use light weight coils (13-16 gauge) and small layers of several foams, plus polyfiber. That seems to be the recipe for failure. Brands I suggest you try: Magniflex, FXI, Aireloom, OMI, Suite Sleep, Savvy Rest, Naturepedic, and Strobel. Because of my huge concerns for toxic flame retardant, and because many manufacturers won't reveal what's in the flame retardant, it's difficult to recommend major brands. Great support plus 3" of high quality comfort might be the answer!

answered Jan 07 '14
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Karen Woods ♦
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Tempurpedic mattresses don't last 20 years. Just because it has a 20 year warranty doesn't mean it really last 20 years. On the average they last about 6 - 7 because they are made of polyurethane foam. I would stay away from synthetics unless that is all your budget will allow because synthetics break down quicker and are full of chemicals.

Why not try a new classification of mattress that has been around for hundreds of years. Organic mattresses. In the 50's they were making latex mattresses that lasted 40 - 50 years. Too bad for the retailer because that means they can't keep churning your business every 5-7 years.

100% all natural latex mattress is most durable because it is impact resistant and heat intolerant. Our mattresses comes with a zippered casing and layers of 100% all natural latex rubber that come in different densities you can change around yourself to create your own sleep surface. We took what history has taught us and improved it.

Check out our website Mountain Air Organic Beds dot com. We would love to send you samples of our rubber to compare densities to other brands and materials.

answered Jan 07 '14
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