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What is the recommended coil count and gauge for a firm, king-size mattress that needs to support the weight of a 250 lb. man and 130 lb woman?

Our current mattress is a major brand pocket-coil mattress that's only 6 months old with a 13.25 gauge. While there is not yet any visible sagging, when my husband is in bed I feel the 'slope' toward him. (When I'm in bed alone, it's fine.) Is there a mattress type or brand -- or certain mattress specs you can recommend -- to avoid that? I want to feel like I'm on a level mattress that keeps my spine in proper alignment and that will be durable for my husband's weight.

asked Dec 17 '13
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Most mattresses are designed to last from 3-7 years. I'm sorry to hear that the one you have isn't making it even that long! The reality of light-gauge steel coils plus cheap foam (and not much of it) pretty much guarantee failure. The most unfortunate reality is that comfort goes way before the mattress is technically worn out. It's best to go with heavy-duty, double-tempered coils (12 3/4 gauge or even better, 9 gauge) Make sure there is a good, measurable layer of high quality foam or latex(not a lot of thin, thin layers), and be sure to try all-foam models as well. In order to get more longevity, go with a firmer mattress and add a topper if needed. It's known that firmer mattresses generally last longer than soft…softer mattresses have too much fiber and less dense foam to hold up for long periods of use. I have a relative who is a big guy…over 250 lbs. The bed that's worked the best has 9 gauge coils and is medium firm. It's the only mattress that has worked! I'm always so disappointed to hear about a mattress like yours..when it isn't showing sagging enough for warranty, but is definitely failing. Go firmer if you can..then, if you have to replace a topper in a few years, it's not so expensive!

answered Dec 17 '13
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I would HIGHLY recommend getting off the coils and getting an all foam bed, ideally one with 3-5 lb foam or all latex. You won't experience the body impression issue then.

It is not uncommon to assume it's the coils making your mattress sag. However, it is not the case. It is the very low quality, low density foam and cheap fiber fill that is sagging. Double heat temper coils rarely sag, and definitely not so quickly.

If you are dead set on coils, keep in mind what I just stated and get a mattress with higher quality top materials. Check out my store, Nest Bedding, for some better quality material and designs, as well as this site for recommendations.

Best of luck!

answered Dec 17 '13
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