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Having purchased a Serta Perfect Sleeper Renee Tight Top mattress and box spring, is there any downside to using a 4 inch memory foam mattress topper on this mattress? I would cover it all with a good quality mattress cover. Thank you.

asked Nov 08 '13
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You can add a foam topper to any mattress to adjust the comfort level, that is the purpose of a topper, and it will not adversely affect the mattress in the least.

answered Nov 08 '13
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There is nothing but downsides to using memory foam. The only material that actually works is latex. You'll sink through the memory foam, as if it wasn't even there....and that's if you survive the toxic chemical off gassing. Memory foam consists of 61 chemicals, while latex is natural rubber. A latex topper will last for many years, while a memory foam topper is shot within a month's time. For the purposes of softening the surface of a mattress, memory foam is worthless....while latex is where the true value is.

answered Nov 08 '13
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