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I am looking at the OrganicPedic Lago Nouveau from OMI. What type of latex is used in this mattress...Dunlop or Talalay? Is there any info (reviews) on body impressions for this mattress? Where can I physically lay on an OMI / OrganicPedic mattress in Houston, TX?

asked Oct 14 '13
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Organic Mattress Inc., also known as OMI, uses Talalay latex in their Lago Nouveau mattress. There is no purer, more organic mattress made in the USA. All OMI mattresses come with a certification for organic latex. The OMI promise is: "If you can find a purer mattress, we'll give you ours for free."

Their 20 year warranty covers a 1 1/2 inch depression (standard for the mattress industry). I have been an OMI dealer for 5 years and have sold many many OMI mattresses. I have never had even one return for warranty.

If you like the Lago then you are sure to LOVE the Terra, with it's 4" Latex and wool mattress topper! I call it "OMG." It is incredible. Back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers...they all love it.

The best kept secret in the mattress business is that almost everyone in the mattress industry sleeps on latex. But if you are looking for the best quality construction and purest components, buy OMI.

Sweet dreams!

answered Oct 16 '13
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