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Diamond Mattresses Overview

Last updated on June 22, 2022

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Here's our analysis of the 12 mattresses in the Diamond GIFT collection, plus the Rally collection.

Note: This is not a review. This is our plain-English explanation and overview of the Diamond's GIFT and Rally collections of mattresses for 2020-2021.

If you’d prefer to watch rather than read, watch our Diamond Mattresses Overview video

Diamond GIFT Collection Mattresses: Features

There are 12 total mattresses in this collection, all of them hybrids that share a pocketed-coils support unit. "GIFT" is an acronym for four mini-collections within the GIFT line. From lower end to most expensive, they are the Grateful, Intention, Faith, and Transformation series, and each of those has three available firmness levels: Firm, Medium, and Plush. The mattresses all get taller as you move up the collection, starting at 12.5" for the Grateful and 15.5" for the Transformation.

Diamond is a company that's been making mattresses for 80 years, but until recently, has mainly been sold in mattress stores. With the GIFT and Rally collections, they're selling direct to the consumer online while continuing to be represented in mattress stores with these and additional models. That means each of the GIFT and Rally beds comes to you compressed and rolled into a box and delivered to your door no matter where you purchase it.

Diamond Mattress Faith

Pocketed Coil Support Unit

All of the GIFT mattresses use a similar coil support unit with zoned support, with extra coils in the central third of the bed to support the heaviest part of your body (the hips). For a queen-size bed, there are about 744 total coils. At the head and foot of the bed, they are arranged in a traditional grid pattern, but in the central third, Diamond nests the coils, increasing the overall coil count in that area by 25%.

Surrounding the coils on all four sides of the bed is a foam edge support. You can see all of this in the representative cutaway below.

While all of the GIFT mattresses share that support unit, Diamond varies the softness of the coils depending on the model. The type and amount of comfort foams also translate into differences in softness and feel.

Diamond Mattress

Graphite-infused Foam

All except the least-expensive Grateful mattresses use Diamond's "Diamond Sparkle Foam." It's not a memory foam, so it has none of that slow melting memory foam feel. Rather, it's very quick responding, springing back to shape instantly after being depressed. It's also quite conforming, meaning it closely hugs the curves of your body.

There are two cooling stories with the Diamond Sparkle Foam. First, it's infused with graphite -- a material that's a known conductor of heat, and it's intended to help draw heat from the body. Check out our video -- at 6:12, there's a neat little demo with an ice cube and a chunk of graphite that demonstrates its conductive effect.

The Diamond Sparkle Foam is also an open cell foam. That means it's significantly less dense than other types of foams, and more air is able to travel through it. Practically speaking, that means warm air can travel out and cool air can travel in, creating more opportunity for the dissipation of heat. Check the video for a demo at 7:36 where you can see the open cell foam compared to denser closed-cell foam.

Diamond Mattress

Diamond Grateful Mattress

Part of the GIFT collection, the Diamond Grateful mattress, available in Firm, Medium and Plush, is a 12.5" tall hybrid mattress. It is the only mattress in the collection that does not use the Diamond Sparkle Foam. Rather, in the comfort layer it uses a more standard gel memory foam. It's also the only GIFT mattress that includes memory foam at all. We found it to be a slow-responding foam, so if you prefer that melting-into-the-bed sensation of memory foam, the Grateful mattress has it.

The cover is quilted with a Diamond pattern.

These are the least expensive beds in the series.

Grateful Mattress Mattress Price
Twin $999
Twin XL $1,049
Full (Double) $1,099
Queen $1,199
King $1,499
California King $1,499


Diamond Intention Mattress

Next up in Diamond's GIFT collection of hybrid mattresses, the Intention is a 13.5" hybrid mattress available in Firm, Medium and Plush. It's the least expensive mattress in the GIFT collection to feature the Diamond Sparkle Foam, with heat-conducting graphite. In the Intention, the foam is convoluted (egg crate) in design. We thought the Intention mattress overall had more softness and conformance compared to the Grateful mattresses.
The cover is also an upgrade. It includes special high-density fibers that give it a coolness to the touch. The cover is quilted, so it has some extra loft and softness. And the cover also includes functional handles to help move it around.
Intention Mattress Mattress Price
Twin $1,199
Twin XL $1,249
Full (Double) $1,299
Queen $1,399
King $1,799
California King $1,799

Diamond Faith Mattress

The Faith mattress also comes in Firm, Medium, and Plush, and is a 14" hybrid mattress. It features the Diamond Sparkle Foam, but it's in a flat sheet -- not convoluted as it is in the Intention mattress.
The cover isn't quilted -- rather, it's a flat stretchy material. And like the Intention mattresses, the cover includes cooling high-density fibers. But in addition, the cover also includes some phase-change material, giving it extra coolness to the touch. The intention is to keep you cooler longer as you fall asleep.
Overall, the Faith mattresses, in our opinion, offer increasingly closer conformance (more closely curving to your body), but have a similar feel in terms of softness as other mattresses in the collection.
Faith Mattress Mattress Price
Twin $1,499
Twin XL $1,549
Full (Double) $1,599
Queen $1,699
King $2,099
California King $2,099

Diamond Transformation Mattress

The Transformation mattress also comes in Firm, Medium, and Plush, and is a 15.5" hybrid mattress. It features the Diamond Sparkle Foam in a flat sheet along with a feature unique to the collection -- a layer of microcoils in the comfort layer of the mattress. That gives the Transformation mattress the deepest cushioning and conformance in the whole collection. We thought this was a generally plush-feeling mattress.
The quilted cover includes cooling high-density fibers and the same phase-change material as the Faith mattress, giving it extra coolness to the touch. The intention is to keep you cooler longer as you fall asleep.
Transformation Mattress Mattress Price
Twin $1,699
Twin XL $1,749
Full (Double) $1,799
Queen $1,899
King $2,299
California King


Below: the Diamond Transformation mattress:

Diamond Mattress Transformation

Diamond Rally Collection

The Rally collection from Diamond is customizable: You select your softness level (Firm, Medium or Plush), then your support core (foam or pocketed coils) and lastly choose from one of three covers, each with progressively more cooling features. Only the cover changes the price.

The "Core" choices are between the same, zoned pocketed-coil unit used in the GIFT collection. Or you can opt for a foam support core. Generally, all-foam mattresses tend to be better for motion isolation and low bounce, while those with spring unit have more bounce and better edge support, but sometimes aren't quite as good for motion isolation.

In the comfort foam layers, depending on the firmness level you choose, Diamond uses a combination of gel memory foam and a copper-infused convoluted foam. Like graphite, copper is a known heat conductor, and has been studied for health benefits for athletes (we won't presume the efficacy on that score). The convoluted design allows for air flow.

The cover choices are the big story with the Rally series. The standard cover is a stretchy, non-quilted cover with some moisture wicking properties (according to the manufacturer). For an additional $200, you can opt for the cooling cover, which features the high-density fibers also used in some of the GIFT collection mattresses. Lastly, for an additional $400 over the base price, you can choose the "Supercharged" cover, with added phase-change cooling material. Additionally, the Supercharged cover can be zipped off and is machine-washable.

Rally Collection Mattress Price Add Cooling Cover Add Supercharged Cover
Twin $1,099 +$200 +$400
Twin XL $1,149 +$200 +$400
Full $1,199 +$200 +$400
Queen $1,299 +$200 +$400
King $1,599 +$200 +$400
California King $1,599 +$200 +$400

Diamond Mattress Rally

Other Factors

Delivery and Returns

  • Free delivery from
  • White glove available ($149)
  • Free returns
  • 120-day trial period

If you order the GIFT or Rally mattresses online directly from, you get free shipping to your door. For an additional $149, you can upgrade to white-glove service, where movers will unpack and set up your mattress, remove all the packaging, and remove your old bedding if you choose.

Returns within the 120 day trial period are free, and the company will pick up the mattress from you at no charge.


  • Lifetime
  • Indentation coverage: 1.5"

For the GIFT and Rally mattresses (warranties for other Diamond mattresses vary), you get a lifetime warranty.

One of the biggest, if not THE biggest complaints about any mattress from consumers regards body impressions—the inability of a mattress to spring back, eventually creating a low spot/sinkhole in the mattress. As such, mattress warranties all contain a term defining how big a sag or ‘body impression’ (measured when no one is on the mattress) is considered a defect, and thus covered under the warranty. The industry standard for innerspring mattresses is 1.5”, and that's exactly the depth allowed by Diamond. Practically speaking, that means any softening or sagging would need to be at least that deep before the warranty would offer you protection.

For the first 10 years of ownership, the company will replace your mattress if there's a warranty issue. After 10 years, they will repair or replace, at their discretion, and owners might have to pay shipping fees up front. If the claim is valid, those shipping fees will be refunded.

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