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Denver Mattress Collections Overview

Last updated on November 19, 2022

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Our in-depth look at three collections made by Denver Mattress.

Note: This is not a review. This is our plain-English explanation and overview of several house brands made and sold by Denver Mattress.

If you’d prefer to watch rather than read, watch our Denver Mattress Collection Overview video.

Denver Mattress House Brands

It's not unusual to see mattress retailers with their own house brands -- brands that are only sold through their own retail outlets. Typically, those house brands are made by a third-party manufacturer and labeled with the retailer's name. In the retail industry, this is called a "white label."

Denver Mattress is a bit of a unicorn, however, in that the company designs and manufacturers their own house brands with their own factories in the United States. That means the company has control at every step of the process. It also means they can make changes, innovations, and updates with a quicker response time. It also means there's no middleman -- no third party manufacturer -- that gets a cut of sales. For the consumer, that means a Denver Mattress model can represent a good value.

The company makes about seven mattress collections. Here, we are taking a look at their most popular house labels: The Buena Vista collection, the Athlete's Choice collection, and three collections that live under the Doctor's Choice brand.

All Denver Mattress models include the company's "365-Night Sleep Better Guarantee" which deserves explaining. You might expect, as is the case with a few brands and retailers, that this means you have a full year to decide whether to keep the mattress or return it for a refund. The Denver Mattress warranty works a bit differently.

Within the first four months of ownership, and after you've tried the mattress for 30 days, you can exchange the mattress for a different one or request a full refund. Then for month five through month eight, exchanges (no refunds) are allowed, at 75% of the cost of the original mattress. For the final four months, you'll receive a 50% credit towards an exchange. Keep in mind that you'll be responsible for getting the mattress back to your nearest Denver Mattress store to process a refund or exchange.

All of the mattresses discussed here are compatible with an adjustable base.

Buena Vista Mattress Collection

There are three models in the Buena Vista mattress collection made by Denver Mattress. Prices range from about $350 to $600, depending on size. There are three models in the series, which vary in terms of softness. Here's how each model landed on our softness scale:

Denver Mattress Model GoodBed Softness Rating
Buena Vista Firm Extra Firm
Buena Vista Plush Medium Firm
Buena Vista Euro Top Medium

The three mattresses use the same construction and features, with the difference in softness coming from the foam layer under the quilt. The Firm and Plush versions measure 10" tall, while the Euro Top version is 10.5" in height.

Pocketed coil support unit

Unusual at this price point, the Buena Vista mattresses feature a pocketed-coils support unit with 616 coils in the queen size. With each coil wrapped in its own fabric pocket, each one compresses independently from the others, which typically indicates good motion isolation--helpful if you are sensitive to a partner's movements on the other side of the bed.

The pocketed coils also give a a lot of conformance; with each coil operating separately, the mattress can hug your curves more closely.

Around the side of the mattress is a 3" foam edge support.

Quilted covers

All of the Buena Vista mattresses have a puffy, quilted cover; there's some comfort foam quilted right into it. The fabric itself is unique in that it uses upcycled fibers--extra material from the mattress-making process that would have normally been wasted.

Polyurethane comfort foam

Between the coil unit and the quilted cover is a layer of foam, which depending on the model, helps vary the softness of each mattress. The Firm and Plush mattresses have 1" of foam while the Euro-Top version has 1.5".

Note that this isn't memory foam, so you won't get any of that melting-into-the-mattress feel that you associate with memory foam. Because there isn't a lot of foam on top of the coil unit, the mattresses do have some bounce from the springs.

Doctor's Choice Original Mattresses

The Doctor's Choice name is the most well known of the Denver Mattress brands, and there are currently three series of mattresses under the Doctor's Choice name. The first and least expensive is the Original series of innerspring mattresses.

The Firm and Plush versions measure 10" in height while the Euro Top version is 10.5".

Denver Mattress Model GoodBed Softness Rating
Doctor's Choice Original Firm Extra Firm
Doctor's Choice Original Plush Medium Firm
Doctor's Choice Original Euro Top Medium

Connected coil support units

These beds use a connected coil support unit instead of pocketed coils. Connected coils are a traditional type of innerspring, where each coil is connected to the next with wires. This means that when one spring is depressed, others around it also compress and share the load. This type of system, generally, tends to be a good fit for stomach sleepers, who need firm and broad support under the hip area to prevent too much arch in the back.

A connected coil system can sometimes mean poor motion isolation, but in the case of the Doctor's Choice Original mattresses, the coils are connected to each other running from the head to the foot of the bed, meaning each row moves more independently from side to side, helping to lessen the impact of movements from side to side, such as you might experience with a partner.

The springs themselves are also interesting in that they alternate; one coil is twisted clockwise and the next twists counterclockwise, which increases durability over the long term. Denver Mattress calls this their "BOSS" system for "balanced orthopedic sleep system."

The coil unit is also zoned, with firmer mattress coils in the central third of the bed, to better support hips.

There are 760 coils in a queen size mattress. Along the perimeter is a 2" foam edge support.

Convoluted comfort foam

Variations in feel are accomplished by varying the foam that sits right under the quilt layer of the mattresses. Compared to the foam used in the Buena Vista mattresses, this foam is a higher density foam of 1.8 lbs. Generally, higher density foams can be expected to last longer.

The foam is also convoluted, commonly known as egg crate foam. This allows for more air flow to help keep you cool.

Quilted antimicrobial covers

The covers on the Doctor's Choice Original mattresses are quilted, with a layer of foam quilted right into the covers. That foam is treated with antimicrobial agents, which help protect against bacteria.

Doctor's Choice Hybrid Mattresses

Moving up in terms of price and features, the Doctor's Choice Hybrid mattresses each offer between an inch to 1.5" of gel memory foam. There's also more foam quilted into the cover, so there's more softness right at the top. The company also adds some extra cooling features.

Prices range from about $750 to $1400. The Luxury Firm model measures 11.5" tall, the Plush is 12.5" and the Euro Top is 14.5" in height.

We found the feel of the Plush and Euro Top mattresses to both be in the Medium range, but the Euro top is just a big softer, and both have more than average cushioning depth, so you really sink into these mattresses.

Denver Mattress Model GoodBed Softness Rating
Doctor's Choice Hybrid Luxury Firm Medium Firm
Doctor's Choice Hybrid Plush Medium
Doctor's Choice Hybrid Euro Top Medium

Pocketed coil support

Denver Mattress moves back to pocketed coils for this mattress collection, with about 720 coils in a queen size bed. The coils are arranged in a checkerboard pattern, alternating twists, to improve durability. With a larger number of independently compressing coils, you get more conformance with the Doctor's Choice Hybrid mattresses, so they more closely hug your curves.

There's a 3" foam block around the perimeter for edge support.

We would expect coil-based mattresses to be bouncy, but these are not; the heavy quilting and foam layer dampen motion.

Memory foam pressure relief

These mattresses all have some memory foam, between an inch and 1.5" of it. It's a slow responding memory foam, but it's underneath a thick quilted cover, and there's not enough of it to really give you that ooey-gooey memory foam feel. Rather, you'll get the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam, but you really won't get that sinking-slowly-into-the bed feeling.

Thick quilted cooling covers

All of the covers are thickly quilted. The Luxury Firm version has 1.25" of foam quilted into the cover. The Plush and Euro Top versions have more than 2" of foam quilted right in. The covers definitely have a lot of surface softness.

The fabric of the quilt includes some high-density fibers that give it some subtle coolness to the touch. High density fibers are a little like comparing the feel of marble to that of wood; the higher density marble just feels cooler, even at the same temperature, than wood.

Doctor's Choice Elite Mattresses

Moving on up, the Doctor's Choice Elite beds from Denver Mattress keep adding features and materials as well as height. The Firm version is 12.5" tall and the Euro Top mattress is a whopping 15.5" in height. As with the Doctor's Choice Hybrid models, you'll find memory foam here, but again, there isn't enough of it to impart much of that melting-into-the-bed sensation we associate with memory foam.

You also get a higher coil count and more cooling features.

The Doctor's Choice Elite beds all have plaid side panels along with handles.

Denver Mattress Model GoodBed Softness Rating
Doctor's Choice Elite Firm Firm
Doctor's Choice Elite Plush Medium
Doctor's Choice Elite Euro Top Medium Soft

Zoned, pocketed coil support units

These beds feature 816 pocketed coils (queen size), along with firmer coils in the central third of the bed to support the heaviest part of your body. There's a 3" foam edge support around the perimeter of the mattress.

These mattress are a little bouncier than the Doctor's Choice Hybrid models.

Open-cell gel memory foam

These beds feature between 2 and 3 inches of what the company calls "HyperGel" memory foam. It has a more open-cell structure, so there's more space between the foam cells, which allows for air flow to help keep you cool. The inclusion of gel is meant to help draw heat from the body. This is also a higher density, higher quality foam.

While there's more memory foam than on the other Doctor's Choice models, it's a quick responding foam, so again, these beds really do not have the ooey-gooey memory feel. Of course you still get the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam.

Quilted covers with Ice Yarn

Compared to the Doctor's Choice Hybrid mattresses, these have twice as many high-density fibers in the cover, and even through clothing, the mattress felt cool -- it was very noticeable. The foam quilted into the covers has an antimicrobial treatment to repel bacteria.

Athlete's Choice Mattresses

Breaking from the three-mattress collection pattern are the two mattresses in the Athlete's Choice series. The Silver is an all-foam mattress while the Platinum is a hybrid mattress topped with latex.

We'll look at these two separately, since they are pretty different. Both aim to address pressure relief, but do it in different ways.

Athlete's Choice Silver Firm

The only all-foam mattress in the series we've looked at, the Athlete's Choice Silver is called a "Firm" by Denver Mattress. We found it to be more of a Medium, and almost a Medium Soft -- it's a very soft mattress with a lot of cushioning.

Under a stretchy knit cover is 3" of very slow responding gel memory foam plus another inch of non-gel memory foam -- that's the most memory foam of any model here, and if really gives you a lot of that slow, melting into the bed sensation we associate with memory foam.

Under the 4" of memory foam is a 2" piece of convoluted (egg crate) standard foam, plus a 6" block of firm support foam.

Gel is included in the top memory foam, and since gel is a known conductor of heat, it's intended to help draw heat from the body. The cover includes Denver Mattress' Ice Yarn, to give the cover a coolness to the touch.

As we would expect from a mattress with no springs, there's no bounce to speak of, which means motion isolation is excellent.

Prices range from about $650 to $1,100 depending on size.

Athlete's Choice Platinum Plush

The Platinum is also a 12" mattress, and it shares the same cover with the Athlete's Choice Silver, but the similarities end there. This mattress has no memory foam at all. Right under cover is 2" of soft foam, followed by a 2" layer of copper-infused latex.

Latex has excellent pressure-relieving properties, and when added to the soft foam at the very top, you get a mattress with a lot of softness and conformance, but no melty memory feel. Denver Mattress calls this model a Plush, and we found it to be what we would call a Medium Soft.

The Platinum uses the same coil support unit as the Doctor's Choice Hybrid, with 720 coils in a queen size, including the same left/right alternating pocketed coils.

The cover is the same stretchy material as the Silver, and it includes not online the high-density Ice Yarn fibers, but also includes some phase-change material. Phase-change material can be thought of as tiny wax beads that take a while to warm up and melt, helping the material feel cooler for a longer time while you are falling asleep. The copper in the latex also acts as a conductor of heat to help draw warm air away from the body. So essentially, the Athlete's Choice Platinum has three dedicated cooling features: the copper, the Ice Yarn and the phase-change material.

Prices range from $900 to $1,500 depending on size.

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