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Beautyrest Silver Mattresses Overview

Last updated on September 3, 2022

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There are 13 models in Beautyrest's revamped Silver collection of mattresses. Here's our look at the series.

Note: This is not a review. This is our plain-English explanation and overview of the Beautyrest Silver collection of mattresses for the 2019-2020 model year. Also see our overview of the Beautyrest collection (the company's entry-level beds), the Beautyrest Black line (the company's luxury mattresses), and the Beautyrest Hybrid line (its memory foam mattresses) for 2019-2020.

If you’d prefer to watch rather than read, watch our Beautyrest 2019 Silver Mattresses Overview video

Beautyrest Silver Mattresses: Model Names

Beautyrest has done a commendable job normalizing its model names with its 2019-2020 mattresses. The new Silver Collection is a great example. The line has just two model names: The Beautyrest Silver BRS900 and the Beautyrest Silver BRS900-C. The "BRS" stands for Beautyrest Silver, and the "900" is a reference to the number of coils in a queen-size bed. For mattresses with the "-C" designation, those have a new 'cooling cover' with moisture-wicking properties.Within both model numbers, there are a range of softness levels.

Be aware, however, that some retailers are attaching other names, or substitute names for the Beautyrest Silver models. For example, at Raymour & Flanigan, you'll see some Silver mattresses called 'Avondale,' 'Greenbrook,' or 'Glendale.' You can tell they're the most recent Silver mattresses, however, if you check the queen size coil count; the earlier 2017-2018 Beautyrest Silver mattresses had 815 coils in the queen size instead of the newer versions' 900 pocketed coils.

Shared Features

The 12 mattresses in the Beautyrest Silver collection are divided into two 'levels.' The BRS900 models are the the least expensive, with a thin sheet of memory foam in the middle third of the bed. The more expensive BRS900-C mattresses have a cooling cover, and have a full sheet of thin memory foam as one of the mattress layers.

It's worth noting that these new Beautyrest Silver mattresses do not include any hybrid memory foam mattresses; now, Beautyrest designates and entirely separate Beautyrest Hybrid collection for those looking for lots of memory foam and that 'sinking into the bed' feeling.

Altogether, the mattresses in the Silver collection have more in common than they do differences. Differences are mainly mattress height as well as comfort/feel.

Beautyrest 900-Series Pocketed Coil Unit

All of the Silver models share the same pocketed coil support unit with 900 coils (queen size), along with a foam edge perimeter all around the bed for added edge support.

The gauge (strength) of the steel used for the coils varies by model; that's what helps give each mattress its 'soft' or 'firm' feel.

Beautyrest Silver

Dual Cool Technology and Cooling Cover

Included in the fire sock of the mattress are flecks of actual silver. The manufacturer claims that this material has natural anti-microbial properties, along with moisture and heat-wicking characteristics. Silver is a known conductor of heat, but as for its ability to keep you cool in a mattress, under layers of mattress cover and bedding, is not something we can prove or disprove.

All Beautyrest Silver mattresses have this "Dual Cool" layer. the BRS900-C models have an additional cooling feature: a moisture-wicking mattress cover.

Beautyrest Silver

Gel Memory Foam

Both the level 1 BRS900 and the level 2 BRS900-C Beautyrest Silver mattresses have a small amount of memory foam. On the BRS900 models, there's about a 1/2" layer of it across the middle third of the bed, intended as additional support in the hip area. For the BRS900-C models, the memory foam is a full sheet.

In both mattresses, this memory foam is under other layers of foam and padding, and there is none of that slow, melting into the bed memory foam feel.

Here is a piece of the memory foam used in the mattresses:

Beautyrest Silver

Beautyrest Silver BRS900

These are the less expensive mattresses in the Beautyrest Silver collection, and they're available in a range of mattress heights and comfort/feel levels.

Model Mattress Height Estimated Price
BRS900 Medium Firm 11.75" $799
BRS900 Extra Firm 11.75" $899
BRS900 Medium 12" $899
BRS900 Plush 12" $899
BRS900 Medium Euro Top 13" $949
BRS900 Medium Pillow Top 14.75" $999
BRS900 Plush Pillow Top 14.75" $999

Beautyrest Silver

Beautyrest Silver BRS900-C

The BRS900-C series adds a moisture-wicking mattress cover in additional to the silver flecks in the fire layer further down.


The BRS900-C mattresses also have functional and sturdy handles.

Beautyrest Silver

There are 5 models in the BRS900-C series. They differ by comfort/feel and by mattress height (and of course, price).

With the firmer versions, there's less cushioning depth and a more "floating on the bed" feel, while the plush and pillow top versions allow you to sink more deeply. Our video (above) has some great demonstrations on the differences in feel and cushioning depth.

Model Mattress Height Estimated Price
BRS900-C Extra Firm 13.75" $1,099
BRS900-C Medium 14.5" $1,099
BRS900-C Plush 14.5" $1,099
BRS900-C Medium Pillow Top 16" $1,199
BRS900-C Plush Pillow Top 16.5" $1,199

Other Factors

Delivery and Returns

  • Free white glove delivery if ordering directly through Beautyrest; otherwise depends on retailer
  • 100-day trial with free returns for orders through

Beautyrest mattresses are sold in mattress stores and department stores. You can also buy them directly through Beautyrest, and orders through include free white-glove delivery and removal of your old bedding. A 100 night trial period is included, with a full refund should you decide to return the mattress.

Otherwise, delivery and returns policies will vary widely depending on where you buy your mattress.


  • Varies by model

Warranty information for each mattress is included on the mattress "Law Label" at the store, and vary depending on the model. Be sure to talk to your salesperson about warranty terms, and particularly about the body impression warranty, which will tell you how much of a permanent depression may form to be covered under warranty. For these Beautyrest innerspring mattresses, it's 1.5".

To obtain warranty service, you will be responsible for shipping the mattress back to the company or retailer.

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