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I am about to purchase one. What do you know about them?

asked Jul 22 '13
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Buying a mattress is a investment you will sleep on for several years. Primo mattress is a polyurethane foam mattress with more chemicals added to make it memory foam. Memory foam sleeps hot so they added cool gel to make it sleep cooler. A great concept for a memory foam mattress.

A organic mattress typically uses wool a natural temperature regulator and organic products tend to be more healthful, gives better support longer because of the durability due to the density. Plus, latex has many pin holes and also sleeps cool naturally. My advise is to stay away from products that contain polyurethane foam because of the density, it doesn't last very long and may contain chemicals such as Formaldehyde and Chlorinated Tris found that could be harmful to your health. The unfortunate issue is price, Organic mattresses cost more because they are not synthetic but the trade off is getting a mattress that is more healthful and one that last longer.

Ask to see, touch and feel actual samples of memory foam, 100% all natural latex rubber and polyurethane foam. See for yourself and compare which is most breathable. Then compare the densities for longevity and check the law label to make sure you aren't getting any polyurethane foam. Not even a inch of it. Because polyurethane foams break down on the average 5 - 7 years and to get a great return on investment you need a mattress that last decades longer. This is a investment in sleep and health. If it were me, I would want the best mattress that your money can buy. I applaud you for doing research before making a huge investment in any mattress.


answered Jul 23 '13
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