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Is the beautyrest platinum or beautyrest hybrid line ranked higher/better? Also, which line offers more features?

asked Aug 03 '19
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. The new Beautyrest Hybrid line encompasses what used to be called Silver Hybrid and Platinum Hybrid. So in a sense, you can think of the upper end of the Beautyrest Hybrid line as being exactly on par with the Beautyrest Platinum line. The key difference between them is where the memory foam lives and how much of that slow-melting memory sensation you'll feel.

In the Hybrid line, all the memory foam is right up at the very top of the mattress underneath a stretch cover, and IIRC each model has at least 3 inches of memory foam. So while you'll still get the support profile and "deep bounce" of a spring mattress, once you're lying on the mattress you will mostly be experiencing a "memory feel."

The Platinum collection has a more traditional style with quilting on top. Most or all of the models in that line do have memory foam, but most of them do not have as much as in the Hybrid models and you'll certainly feel it less because it's under the quilting. This allows there to be a broader range of feels in the Platinum collection as well -- from Extra Firm to Extra Plush with a deeply cushioned pillow top -- whereas the Hybrid models will all have deeper than average cushioning (more of a hugged / cradled sensation than a floating on top sensation) and a narrower range of softness levels.

It should be noted that all of the aforementioned factors -- bounce, memory feel, cushioning depth, and softness -- are all what we call "feel" characteristics. The thing about "feel" characteristics is that they are preference-based, which means there is no universal better or worse -- it's all about your personal preferences. For some broader context, "feel" is the second "F" in what we call the "3 F's of Mattress Matching" -- Fit, Feel, and Features.

I hope that's helpful.

answered Aug 03 '19
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