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Interested in buying a Botanical Bliss mattress. Trying to decide between The 9 or 10 inch Is there a difference in comfort? I weigh 150 pounds

asked Jul 01 '18
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. Overall, those mattresses should be very similar in feel, provided you were to choose the same "firmness" in each one (both the 9" and 10" come in multiple firmness options).

The only difference between the two heights is the thickness of the Talalay latex layer directly below the quilting -- the 10" version has 3" of Talalay and the 9" has 2". All else being equal, the 10" version should have a tiny bit more cushion-y softness as a result of this, but I would expect that the difference would be very subtle for you, particularly given your weight.

I'm afraid we haven't done an in-depth test of either of these models so I can't be any more precise than that in my answer. I hope that's helpful though.

answered Jul 16 '18
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