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I have a Mattress 1st "Gel 1st hybrid plush", full size. I cannot find a " hybrid " for this model. Was I misled? Also, since I've bought it (new), I've had god awful night sweats about 2 or 3 hrs after I lay down. Is this model or bed type known to warm throughout the night? I'm a 40 yr old male I shouldn't have night sweats. My Dr told me that, then ordered a battery of tests for cancer, (All negative thankfully). I don't think its a coincidence I got them both about the same time. They emphasized the cooling gel technology when they sold it to me. I called the store today and they told me I'm 3 days over the 60 day free trial limit.

asked May 26 '18
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Lance D from Cleveland, OH
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Asked: May 26 '18

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