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Have you ever heard of Spring Air Celeste model firm foam mattress?

asked Mar 21 '18
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. I'm afraid we don't have any information about that particular model.

That said, be aware that in the mattress industry, it is very common for each retailer to demand their own unique model names for the models they carry. As a result, a mid-sized brand like Spring Air is likely to produce less than 50 product variations at a time while using over 1,000 different model names for those variations.

On top of that, while the product specs for those 50 variations tend to be updated every 2-3 years, the model names change much more frequently -- sometimes even more than once per year!

As such, trying to find information about a specific model name, especially one that is arcane enough to not be in our database, is often an exercise in futility because so few people ever actually owned that model under that exact name in the first place.

Sorry we can't be of more help on this one, but I hope that context is helpful at least.

answered Mar 21 '18
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