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What would you do if you were torn between Loom & Leaf and Zenhaven?

asked Feb 27 '18
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. As these types of questions go, this is actually a pretty easy one as there is at least one very meaningful difference between these two options: Responsiveness.

The Loom & Leaf is a memory foam mattress, so it has that slow-responding "memory" feel that makes you feel like you are slowly melting into the mattress. By contrast, the Zenhaven is an all-latex mattress. Latex is a very quick-responding material so the Zenhaven has none of that slow-responding memory feel. Some people would describe latex as bouncy, which it is to a degree, but it has more of a "surface bounce" rather than a "deep bounce" like an innerspring mattress. Responsiveness is what we call a "preference-based criteria" -- meaning there is no better or worse, it's simply a matter of your personal preference. Most people have at least a slight preference either for or against "memory" feel.

Another key distinction that may or may not be significant to you is that the Zenhaven is a natural mattress made from all-natural latex, where as the Loom & Leaf is not a natural mattress (though it does have organic cotton in its cover). And of course, the Zenhaven is flippable while the Loom & Leaf is not.

For a more complete description of the characteristics of each of these, I'd recommend watching out our in-depth video reviews of both of them, which you can find here:

Note that if you are short on time, each video has a summary section at the end. If you watch the videos on YouTube, you can find a direct link to this summary in the YouTube description for each video.

I hope that helps.

answered Mar 07 '18
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