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My current mattress is looking. It is a hibernation series LTM Sovereign support plush top. Where can I purchase for the best price and where do I purchase? Please help I love my bed :(

asked Dec 26 '17
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We used to have an extra firm support hibernation series, purchased from Big Sur. I'm not sure of the exact name/model, but it was the firmest and most waveless mattress they had at the time. We, too, loved that bed!!! It lasted 25 years and still was not leaking, but the fiber fill had deteriorated and it was no longer waveless. We decided to replace it before it developed leaks, so we could control the timing of the hunt. We just purchased a new "full waveless" replacement mattress. I filled it up this morning. This thing is the firmest and most waveless thing that is still available in the Hibernation series (according to the store where we purchased it), but it is nowhere close to the firmness of our old mattress. Nor is it waveless. We will be trying it out tonight, but I have a feeling we won't like it very much. Pretty sure it will cause problems when I have vertigo spells, which our old mattress never did. I would recommend looking for a different brand.

answered Aug 17 '18
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Karen from Sheridan, IN
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