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I have a Vienna/ Hibernation series water tube bed. It is a California King (72 x 84) and is 18 years old and the zip off pillowtop cover needs to be replaced. Where can I get one? It is a quilted cover that looks like a regular mattress but it zips open to allow access to the inner foam pads and water tubes beneath the pads. The pads themselves need to be upgraded as well. Please let me know how I can find replacement parts!

asked May 03 '15
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Waterbeds Rule! With a few measurements your cover and components can be replaced. You may need to purchase a whole cover (not just the top) to make it fit correctly. There are some very good waterbed manufacturers out there. Who to reccemond will depend some on where you live. We use U.S. Watermattress located on Maryland.

answered May 14 '15
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Ernest S from Waynesboro, VA
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I have a California King size Vienna/Hibernation waterbed which seems to be completely intact but we no longer use it. Would you (or someone) like it? Please contact if you are interested.

Contact Judy Whalen, 416-569-5051 or jwhale7411 [at] google [dot] com

answered Aug 18 '19
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Judy W
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