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Does the Hampton and Rhodes mattress, sold at Mattress Firm, come in a box? If so, what size is it?

asked Nov 23 '17
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. No, AFAIK there are no Hampton & Rhodes mattresses at this time that are compressed and roll-packed such that they can be shipped in a small box.

That said, one word of advice before you buy is that reviews on retailer websites are moderated by the retailers themselves, meaning you have no way have knowing whether you can actually trust them (typically, you shouldn't). The retailer decides which reviews to post and not post, and can even allow biased ratings from employees and the like. This would be a particular concern for Hampton & Rhodes, a house brand that is owned by the retailer that sells it (Mattress Firm).

Given this dynamic, I would always recommend checking out the ratings on GoodBed before you buy. As of now, there are over 400 unbiased ratings and reviews of Hampton & Rhodes mattresses that have been submitted on GoodBed, which you can find here:

One other helpful and unique thing about the ratings we collect on GoodBed is that they come from consumers who have owned their mattress for a while (typically more than a year and often much longer). By contrast, retailer websites uniformly collect the vast majority of their ratings within the first few weeks or months after purchase (while the mattress is still basically brand new). In addition, you can filter all of GoodBed's owner ratings by sleep position, weight, age, and many other criteria in order to find feedback from people who most closely resemble you and your sleep requirements. I hope that's helpful.

answered Nov 24 '17
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