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I just bought a Hampton and Rhodes Bronze Collection firm pillow top innerspring mattress today at Mattress Firm. I was wondering about the quality of this mattress. I was going to purchase a Sealy or Serta mattress, but this seemed like a good deal for $309.00 plus tax. Does anyone have any experience with this brand? Should I have stuck with the name brand like Sealy or Serta?

asked Dec 28 '13
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Michelle F from San Antonio, TX
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Actually Hampton and Rhodes are made by Corsicanna Bedding, They are actually marked up pretty high versus what you could buy one with the exact specs from a Corsicanna Dealer.

answered Jan 03 '14
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Joey Ashley ♦
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You pay more for brand names because you are paying for licensing fees. You will probably get more mattress for the money with a off brand as they try to give you more value because they are the underdogs.

answered Jan 02 '14
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Joyce Walker... ♦
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Hi Michelle -- One thing worth considering here is that Hampton & Rhodes is a house brand for Mattress Firm. This fact alone does does not provide any indication of its quality. But in terms of "value," it does mean that there are no other retailers carrying this brand, so Mattress Firm can set any price it wants for these beds.

answered Jan 02 '14
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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Had my H&R Grand Harbor for 4 years 2 months and as of now it is the MOST uncomfortable mattress I've ever been on. It was OK for a while but has gradually gotten to the point when I am now looking for a new mattress. I also do no have a booklet with the paperwork. I have everything else, receipt etc.

answered Sep 16
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