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Today I purchased a stearns and foster la lazio III mattress. I'm finding it difficult to find reviews on this particular model. Has anyone purchased this mattress, and if so, what are the pros and cons?

asked Nov 21 '17
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Lori from Grove City, OH
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Hi Lori -- It seems there are no ratings or reviews of that particular model yet. This is not uncommon as most models (in name only) are exclusive to a single retailer. That said, you can find over 800 unbiased ratings and reviews from owners of mattresses in that same collection (Stearns & Foster Estate) here:

One thing you'll notice on this page is that unlike anywhere else, ratings on GoodBed are typically submitted after the consumer has owned the mattress for a while. In addition, you can filter our ratings by sleep position, weight, age, and many other criteria in order to find feedback from people who most closely resemble you and your sleep requirements. I hope that's helpful.

Lastly, I do feel compelled to add -- principally for the benefit of other readers -- that one should never purchase a mattress without researching it first. Statistically, this type of "Ready, Fire, Aim" approach is a very strong predictor of choosing poorly, and in itself is a very poor choice (in spite of any return policies the store may have) for several reasons:

  • It's extremely wasteful (a mattress cannot be resold after it's been in your home).
  • It's harmful to other consumers (the cost of your returns gets baked into the price that future consumers will pay).
  • It's damaging to the environment (mattresses have a huge carbon footprint, not only in terms of their high cost to transport, but also in terms of all the petroleum-based foams that are used in making them).
answered Nov 22 '17
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