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We are looking to replace our "Mattress Crafters" bed. The Legend Number on the tag is: WT58370. Do they still make it by chance? If so, is there a store in the Phoenix, AZ area? Thank you!

asked May 03 '13
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Laura L from Carroll, IA
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It looks like they are mostly in Ohio. Many stores can ship to you, but I would always recommend laying on the bed in a retail store before you buy. Most spring beds have a core that is made to specification by a limited number of coil manufacturers. So perhaps do a good shopping trip where you try different models, and even different technologies. There have been many improvements in the bedding area over the last 5 to 10 years. There are newer technologies that have become more mainstream, like air or foam. Many of the current crop of alternative beds can last much longer than a spring bed of a similar price. Hope that helps, if you would like to talk more, feel free to click on the logo at the end of this post and send an email or call. Until then...Sleep Well!

answered Sep 05 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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