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why being this mattress so lauded by you in your Utube review, not in your top list? even if it is a 10 match for me? It seems to be top quality and ergonomic design?

asked Jul 31 '17
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ED from Miami, FL
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Hi Ed -- Thanks for your question. I'm not sure which "top list" you are referring to, but I would certainly stand by everything we said about WinkBed in our video review of it.

We do have some lists on our site of "large" or "top-selling" brands which are mostly still comprised of the biggest traditional brands, since the biggest brick & mortar brands still sell more total mattresses than even the largest online brands. We do this simply to make such brands easy to find for consumers researching their purchase on our site.

However, for any given shopper, I would urge you to focus on finding the right mattress for you, which may or may not be from one of the largest brands. The Match Quiz and Match Scores we provide, along with the video reviews you mentioned, are certainly the easiest way to search across brands and stores (both online and offline) to find the options that best match your personal needs and preferences.

I hope that answers your question.

answered Jul 31 '17
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