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Hello- do you think I should get this mattress (cloud supreme) or the casper? I like the feel of this mattress, but I like Caspers price point..but I am willing to buy either depending on the general vice versa review

asked Mar 24 '17
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question.

The first thing you should know is that the Casper really doesn't feel anything like the Cloud Supreme. First and foremost, the Casper has much less of that "slowly melting into the bed" memory feel that Tempur-Pedic's are known for. On a Casper, that characteristic is barely perceptible, whereas on virtually any Tempur-Pedic (including the Cloud Supreme), it is one of the signature characteristics. Beyond that, the Casper also has less softness and a shallower cushioning depth, so it does not conform to your body's curves nearly as much. It also has a bit more bounce.

Here are two videos we created that might be useful for you in understanding the differences between these:

  • Casper review (this is a review we did that describes who would be a good match for the Casper and who would be not as good a match)
  • Tempur-Cloud overview (not a review, but it does show and describe the product for comparison purposes)

If you are looking for something closer to Casper's price point that feels more comparable to the Tempur-Cloud Supreme, here are a couple options that are much closer in feel and that can also be purchased online:

We did video reviews of both of these products as well, which you can find right at the top of those pages.

I hope that helps.

answered Mar 24 '17
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