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What is going on with the white dust this mattress produces?

asked Mar 19 '17
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I had the mattress for 40 days and it did not produce white dust. Please tell us how long you have mattress?!

answered Apr 05 '17
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Will H from Flat Rock, MI
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coke addict using your bed while ur at work.....

answered Jul 28 '17
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Jimmy from Palm Bay, FL
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. We too have had a Purple mattress in our possession, and although we certainly saw some white powder when we opened it up, we have not seen any visible white powder "produced" by the mattress or coming out of the mattress. We have the mattress in a room with dark floors so if there were visible powder being emitted from the mattress, we would certainly see it.

How long after having the mattress did this start? Is the mattress or its cover punctured in any way?

answered Jul 28 '17
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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All Purple mattresses and pillows are coated with a white powder to keep them from sticking together in the shipping process. They have breathable covers so the powder does come through the cover and into your lungs. This information is on the Purple website.

answered Aug 12 '17
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Joe Alexander ♦
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