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I have had some 'warm' experiences with gel/foam mattresses in that I sleep very warm to the point of having very hot spots where my body comes in contact with the mattress. Can you advise if the Purple mattress exhibits this? Thanks!

asked Apr 21 '16
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The mattress is designed to sleep very cool. You can find out more about the science they used at

answered May 14 '16
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Bryant G from Provo, UT
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I have the purple Mattress, and it absolutely stays cool! I have R.A. and have bouts of HOT hands and feet, (In the past, I was desperate enough to use ice packs with my old mattress!) I am very pleased with the purple Mattress in all regards, but especially this one! I love the Purple mattress, and would tell anyone all the great things about it! :D

answered Jun 07 '17
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Lori from Caldwell, ID
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I’ve had the purple mattress for about 3 years now. It slept cool for the first year or so, but it definitely sleeps hot now. I often wake up feeling like the mattress is almost burning me. Then I shift over a foot or two to a cool spot. I thought it was just me sleeping hot, but then I noticed I was sleeping cooler on hotel beds.

Eventually I asked for warranty service, and they responded the warranty does not cover sleeping hot.

When new, it was also pretty stiff. It actually hurt to sleep on. Customer Service advised us to wait a couple months, or to soften it more quickly, stand on it and walk around to soften it up a little bit. That didn’t really help, but over the course of a couple years, the part we sleep on became noticeably more soft. The middle of the bed where neither person sleeps as much is more stiff. If I roll there at night to cool off, it definitely feels like I have to roll up a small hill.

I was not surprised when they came out with a new model that includes springs. Obviously their much-hyped polymer grid thing is not so amazingly cooling if they had to switch out the under layer for coil springs. If I buy a new bed today, I’ll look for coils because the air in them facilitates cooling. Purple is really just another memory-foam topper, sold at a higher price. None of the paid mattress review web sites say this because they don’t sleep on it long enough (2 years+) to know. But when spending $1500+ you want something that will be enjoyable for at least 5-7 years... right?

answered Mar 07 '20
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CJ from Cedar Park, TX
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Mar 07 '20

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