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My partner and I mostly love this mattress. We both are lightweight (100-130lb). Our bed gets too warm even with a cooling cover. What can we do?

asked Jan 14 '17
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Thanks for your question. In terms of the setup you have in your bed itself, there are really these components: 1) the mattress, 2) the mattress protector, 3) the sheets, 4) the blankets. Given the way you positioned your question, I will focus on #2 and #3.

In terms of a mattress protector, there are some that advertise cooling features, however I think your bigger risk here is that whatever mattress pad you're using is actually making the mattress feel warmer. In protecting the mattress (especially from a waterproofing standpoint), many mattress pads inhibit air flow, which makes you feel warmer. Here's an inexpensive mattress protector that is free of vinyl:

In terms of sheets, this is an area that can make more of a positive difference for you. Sheets can feel warmer or cooler based on a number of factors. Here are a couple that get high marks on Amazon for their cooling capability:

One fairly recent innovation on this front is called "phase change material" -- I've tested this myself (though not with sheets specifically) and phase change material really does feel noticeably cooler to the touch in a normal room temperature setting. The most well-known brand of phase change material is Outlast (they are to phase change material what "Gore-Tex" is/was to waterproofing material). Here is a set of sheets with 40% Outlast:

There are also protectors with phase change material, but I wouldn't bother with this because your skin never touches the protector.

Lastly, if all else fails, there is a product that is uniquely suited to address this problem called the Chili Pad. This is a mattress pad that provides both heating and cooling capabilities, with each side's temperature controlled separately. Tiny water tubes are interlaced through the pad, and a small cube under the bed cools (or heats) the water to your desired temperature and pumps it through the system. It's more expensive than the other solutions mentioned above, but it works. You can buy it on Amazon here:

Of course, there are always things you can do that don't relate to your bed, but I'm assuming you've already considered or tried these things:

  • Lowering the ambient temperature of the room to the extent it is above the high 60's during the night (the optimal sleeping temperature for most people)
  • Controlling the humidity through air conditioning or a dehumidifier
  • Improving air circulation through a ceiling fan or otherwise

Hope that helps!!

answered Jan 14 '17
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