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There are two layers of foam; one 1.7 lb/cu ft and one 2.2 lb/cu ft. Which is supposed to be the top side? Can I not flip side to select the firmer side (presumably 2.2lb) as the top? Will that increase durability?

asked Dec 23 '16
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Bernie from Richmond, BC
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Hi Bernie -- Thanks for your question.

In mattress construction, the higher density materials are generally used closer to the top (i.e., closer to the sleep surface). This is not because denser materials are more firm (density and firmness are two separate things), but rather because denser materials tend to have higher durability. This is particularly important at the top of the mattress, where any body impressions will be more noticeable.

So, in this case, the 2.2 lb side actually seems like the one that is more intended to be slept on. However, 2.2 lbs and 1.7 lbs are pretty similar densities, so from that standpoint you wouldn't lose much sleeping on either side.

Hope that helps.

answered Dec 26 '16
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