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I have an IKEA Sultan Flockenes mattress that is about 5 years old. It has deep depressions on each side. If I flip the mattress will the valleys remain or will we be able to have the mattress return to approximately the state it came in 5 years ago?

asked Apr 11 '15
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If you haven't flipped it yet, you may get a little more life from the mattress when you flip it. The other side won't magically repair itself, however you will crush down some of the material so the depressions may not appear so deep. As soon as you sleep on that side again, the depressions will reappear.

If you have deep depressions on both the top and the bottom side of the mattress (meaning you have flipped it more than once) you need to get a new mattress as yours is finished.

Hope this helps.

Lillian Fisher The Sleep Store

answered Apr 16 '15
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Thanks for your question. One important thing to consider is whether your mattress is actually flippable -- meaning whether it was built with a sleep surface on both sides.

According to our records, the Ikea Sultan Flokenes is a memory foam mattress that only has comfort layers on one side. This means that the bottom is just a base layer that is not meant to be slept on.

Of course, you can flip it over anyway -- it can't hurt it to try it and see if it's comfortable enough to sleep on that way for a while -- but my expectation would be that it would have little to none of the feel that made you choose that mattress in the first place, and thus won't feel very comfortable to you.

As a more general answer, mattresses that are flippable do resist body impressions somewhat better than no-flip mattresses, as Lillian pointed out.

answered Apr 16 '15
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